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General information

What kind of savings can I achieve with Omni?

Our clients report up to 25% initial savings. This number further increases as more opportunities for intervention are identified by our system.

Can Omni help me meet my business' ESG goals?

Yes. Through its various energy saving features, Omni is able to drastically reduce your building's Co2 footprint, making your business greener.

Do I need a BMS to be able to install Omni?

No, Omni can operate as a stand-alone solution tailored to your specific needs, and can work across multiple networks and subdomains.

Are there specific certifications required to install Omni?

No, as a simple IT installation no particular permits or certifications are required on your part.

Is Omni's solution tailored to my individual needs?

Always. Everything from the hardware installation to the visual appearance of the dashboard will be tailored to your business needs, brand, and necessities.

How does payment work?

Omni is available as an annual subscription package. You can test our solution free of charge for 30 days by booking a demo.

Installation and setup

What hardware does Omni require?

Our software solution runs from a single device (included) that plugs into your BMS. This setup can work across multiple networks and subdomains.

How long does it take to install Omni?

The on-site installation takes about one hour and is conducted with minimal intrusion. The rest of the setup is swiftly carried out remotely.

What brands of BMS can Omni plug into?

Omni is designed to be BMS agnostic, as such it integrates with all major solutions such as Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric and many more.

Does Omni integrate with IoT products?

Yes, Omni is an open platform able to interface with most IoT products on the market.

Does Omni require internet access?

Our hardware comes setup with its own internet connection, so you don't need to worry about configuration or losing connection.

Technical assistance

Does Omni come in other languages?

Yes. Omni is a multilingual platform and the language can easily be changed from the settings in the dashboard at any time.

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